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Wembley Park


Brand Strategy, Visual Identity and design, Marketing Communications


When you think of Wembley, you probably think of legendary sports and music events that made the name famous worldwide. A place where you only go for certain days of the year. Quintain are changing this. They’re investing £3bn into Wembley Park over the next ten years to create a brand new, thriving 85-acre neighbourhood. As part of this, they asked us to help challenge current perceptions of Wembley Park and to develop a cohesive B2B brand proposition that would attract the best retail and leisure brands from day one.


With a huge community of shoppers, explorers, diners, runners, fans and revellers already there, we wanted to show that Wembley Park is alive, now. A 365-day destination with event-day buzz all year round that would attract visitors, tenants and the best retailers.

We did this by capturing the vibrancy and diversity of the people already living here and combining it with hyper-real brand imagery to project the excitement of present and future life at Wembley Park.

To create cut-through, we commissioned Ilka & Franz to shoot the distinctive and eye-catching brand photography. This enabled us to further challenge people’s perceptions of what Wembley Park is and can be while appealing to a diverse range of new audiences.

In doing so, our multi-channel campaign helps Quintain to create London’s new premier living experience, community and shopping destination for visitors and locals alike.

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