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Royal Academy of Engineering


Brand Strategy and Advertising


Research conducted has shown engineering needs to be promoted beyond the archetypal audience, to address skills shortages and attract potential innovators and entrepreneurs who are often lost to engineering, even before they finish school. YouGov research also highlights that 63% of young people (aged 13 to 18) think they will have a career that taps into their existing passions.

It’s a complex problem, but the biggest issue is the perception of what an engineer does amongst 13-18 year olds.


We created the #ThisIsEngineering campaign for the Royal Academy of Engineering, in collaboration with EngineeringUK and industry partners, to transform the perception of engineering in the UK, in response to a worsening skills shortage.

The campaign is a high profile, digitally-led advertising campaign, which sets to combat perceptions and look to inspire the next generation of engineers, by showing them the astounding breadth of areas engineers work in.

Film is at the heart of a social media strategy, to inspire students of what a career in engineering could look like.

The campaign is centred around the life stories of five real, young engineers who have turned their passions into careers, following what they love into sport, fashion, tech, design and space.

Each of the five protagonists feature in their own 40” film. Other deliverables include a 90” over-arching campaign film, 2 x 30” campaign films and 15 x 10” spots which are being rolled-out across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

A central hub was created, which provides further information on careers in engineering for students, teacher and parents. Longer-form content around each of our five engineers also features.

Daniel Rossall Valentine, Head of Engineering Talent Project, says: “Choosing a career is a big decision and young people are often reliant on advice from parents and teachers. But some parents and teachers have out-of-date or negative stereotypes about working in engineering. They don’t know that you can follow your passion into engineering, whether you love music, fashion, sports, film, games – whatever it is, there are engineers at the heart of it”.

“The campaign seeks to rebrand engineering for young people and encourage them to take up careers in engineering”.

Nik Windsor, Director at Bandstand says: “You rarely get an opportunity, like this, to work on a project that looks to inspire and invest in the next decade of young minds. After all, these students are the new rock stars”.

“We hope the campaign will deliver a more visible, more powerful and more unifying message than anything that has gone before, and provide content that all engineering organisations can use to attract the next generation of talent”.

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