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Brand launch

Our placemaking work for Haringey celebrates the positive spirit that unifies the borough. The new brand platform is disruptive, spirited, unique, and ready to take Haringey into the future.

We met with Haringey Council during a period of transformative change. It needed a platform through which it could deliver new values of proactivity and positivity.

To understand the borough, we connected with as many of Haringey’s people as possible: businesses, community groups, residents and council groups. We learned that the people of Haringey are its strength. Some people talked about the borough’s diversity, some loved its green spaces. But the common factors were a belief in Haringey’s potential, and a strong sense of community.

Haringey is more than just a place. It’s an attitude. People are proud of the borough’s vibrancy and energy. Haringey is a celebration, and our work conveys this.

Courage creates possibilities.

“There is investing in a project and then there is investing heart and soul, and you guys have gone beyond that. This was an extremely challenging brief - to get people to reappraise the borough, to signal change, and to capture something that reflect the personality of the borough. The quantity and quality of work has been fantastic and they have created a distinct identity to help us stand out. The response has been immense and what we hoped for. It’s an absolute game-changer. Very happy. Brief 150% met.”

Joe Goldberg, Haringey Council

Coverage of the rebrand

"The new brand identity is there to tell Haringey’s true story…"

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