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“Fill your cart with colour” was the rallying cry of eBay’s bold new brand campaign. Championing individuality and passion, eBay spotted an opportunity to partner with Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off. They asked us to cook up a colourful commercial campaign that would engage the show’s huge fan base while celebrating those themes – with extra sprinkles on top, of course.


Enter one tattoo fixer and one Paralympian gold medallist – flexing their unique talents as they ice, roll, knead and bake.

Jay Hutton and Hannah Cockroft leapt out to us as two distinctive figures who embodied that eBay value of individuality. Their passions and personalities ensured every second of the commercials sparkled with more colour and delight than a rainbow-coloured frangipane showstopper.

To make each ad contextually relevant, we ensured the content tied into different Bake Off themes. For bread week, we showed Hannah kneading dough while biscuit week saw Jay icing some artfully luminous cookies.

In order to emphasise eBay’s unique service, we showed the talent receiving and opening the colourful purchase that enabled them to create their distinctive bakes. As eBay puts it: Find what makes you, you.

With a quick one-month turnaround, we produced four colourful and contextually relevant ads that championed individuality and built excitement for eBay’s new campaign. And barely a baking pun in sight.

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