25 Soho Square: putting our hearts into it




Brand campaign

From street art to inquisitive films, our campaign for 25 Soho Square was as transformative as the building itself.

The reinvention of 25 Soho Square, former home of the FA, as contemporary commercial space marked a pivotal moment in Soho’s evolution. As it turned out, it was also a pivotal moment for the London property sector. Until then, ‘property marketing’ had been a fairly conservative, informational affair.

Our campaign, complete with neon installations and giant graffiti art works, changed that. Three short films celebrated Soho’s eclectic personality and eccentric people. This was a campaign that reflected the unique environment the building was a part of. We unashamedly encouraged occupiers who would embrace Soho’s rich character. For the first time, commercial property marketing had become an emotional experience.

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