What’s new for 2016?

What can we expect in the coming 12 months? We look to the stars to predict the future…

VR will go mainstream, with the Occulus Rift release and the launch of Playstation Morpheus.
James, Senior Designer

Big data will become something that marketers really get to grips with, and it’ll inform how we engage with audiences. Greater personalisation will make it even more important for marketers to think about whom we’re talking to and why.
Brett, Digital Director

Comic Sans will enjoy a big-time renaissance. You laugh now...
Mark M, Designer

We’ve already seen a trend for logos to be flattened and simplified. The next step is to revert to origin logos, in a celebration of heritage.
Reuben, Designer

Marketing initiatives that create positive change will become more common. Vive la revolution!
Sarah, Copywriter

Snapchat will become far more popular with people over 25, who will finally understand how it works and what it’s for.
Sonya, Senior Account Director/Planner

With the popularity and acceptance by game developers on games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim, game developers will start to fund small groups of modders on a more permanent footing, as they begin to see the value of fan-generated content.
Gala, Account Executive

Liverpool will win the Premiership under Klopp.
Nik, Client Services Director

Written by Bandstand

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