Almost Time
A Poem by Sam Tootal

It’s the night before Christmas
And my hands are so cold
I have to go to bed
I’m only five years old

But it’s almost time
And I cannot wait
I’m so excited
Let’s stay up late

My stocking is out
Just by my feet
Waiting for Santa
Is such a treat

We’ve left out carrots
Some brandy, a mince pie
He must get so hungry
In the cold night sky

I nearly forgot
It’s time for my pills
They’re so hard to swallow
But help when I’m ill

My mum is here
To pat my chest
I cough a lot
But it helps me rest

She turns the lamp off
Beside my bed
Gives me a hug
And a kiss on the head

In my dream I’m flying
Fast, light and free
A magical feeling
I can’t believe it’s me

Soaring high
Above sea and land
A noise wakes me up
I see a blurry hand

Filling my stocking
Could it possibly be
Santa Claus
Just in front of me?

I close my eyes
Pretend I’m asleep
But in the distance
I can hear a beep


Now I really can’t sleep

Hang on a minute

It’s Christmas morning!
Everyone on my ward
Wakes up yawning

As I open my presents
Nurses and doctors arrive
My mum looks anxious
What will they prescribe?

It seems very serious
I can’t really hear
Mum turns with a smile
“You’re coming home for New Year!”

Bandstand was inspired to commission this poem as a proud sponsor of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s 18th Christmas Carol Concert. This year, we’re looking to help raise money for GOSH’s ‘Room to Breathe’ appeal.

Please share as much as you can for those who aren’t able to spend this season at home:

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Written by Bandstand

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